3 Aralık 2018 Pazartesi

Get The Beautiful Festive Eyelashes

Whatever we do at Christmas, most women make themselves more or less at Christmas. Even if they hardly do this in daily life. It just happens to be something more festive. idol Lash How to Grow Massive Lashes But if you are not experienced what do you do and which products do you use.

idol Lash False or real?

Do you want to make your real eyelashes more beautiful or do you want to apply dramatic false eyelashes. Possibilities too much but for both of you, if you want to have it neat, you have to develop some dexterity.


The basis is that the skin and eyelashes must always be clean. Remove residues from anything with a cotton pad with some eye cleanser. Gently pat down and do not rub roughly over your eyelid. 
If you use normal waterproof mascara then you also have other eye cleanser than when you use regular mascara. 

When your eyes are dry you start and if you use eyeshadow, you must first apply them, this will prevent residues from remaining on your newly painted eyelashes.

Real eyelashes

If you want to make your own lashes more beautiful, start with an eyelash curler. Eyelashes that curl upwards give an open look and if you do not have this yourself, you can help nature. An eyelash curler costs a few euros and if you warm it a little with hair dryer, the eyelash curls nicer. 

If the eyelash with the eyelash curler is nicely curled, apply the mascara. Preferably use non-waterproof mascara. That is just less harmful than waterproof (lashes break easier after using waterproof mascara and associated remover). 
Always do two layers and do not wait too long for the second layer. The second layer gives a slightly fuller look.

Which brand you take is very personal. For example, Lancome has had a tradition for years that they are leaders in mascaras, but they have dense brushes. If you prefer an open brush, Dior or L'Oreal, for example, has excellent mascara's. Trying out and good viewing in the store is the only thing that actually works. The saleswoman can only indicate what the brush does, how it feels is personal.

Fake eyelashes

Do you have short or thin eyelashes of yourself and do you want to make the whole thing fuller, then take the false eyelashes. You have them in strips that you can lay over the entire eyelid (and glue) or buy loose tufts that you place more or less between your own lashes. The latter are slightly more difficult to apply than strips. 

Lay the strips on the clean eyelid and first measure if it is not too big, too small is less bad. On the inside of your eye a piece remains, but your own lashes are shorter there, so is very natural. Too big is a question of cutting the right size. 

The glue that comes with the sets is often not very good, there are brands that sell loose glue (eg MAC) that stays much better.

Put the glue on the edge of the false eyelash and place it from the middle of the eyelid, then place the sides in place and press it down. 

If there are some residual glue left over, these are easily removed with some eyeliner. If everything is right, apply the mascara and treat your own lashes with the false lashes simultaneously with the mascara roller. This way the eyelashes merge into each other more naturally. 

False lashes can simply be cleaned with some eye make-up remover and re-used again.


Of course there are also bizarre false eyelashes and colors to paint your own lashes. Always see what the result should be. Extremely long eyelashes possibly with gold color or crystal-like starlets look nice in a box, but also when you put them on? So also colors to pimp the eyelashes. Deep purple, aubergine or night blue can have a natural effect, but gold or silver color or hard red gives a completely different effect. Realize this well.